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February 5, 2013

Dave and Adam's enters comic book trade

Tonawanda News — TOWN OF TONAWANDA — The town is home to the world’s largest online seller of trading cards, and now, Dave and Adam’s is vying for the same achievement for a different collectible — comic books.

“We have a meeting with the company directors every to year to talk about new business ideas,” said Adam Martin, the CEO and co-founder of Dave and Adam’s Card World. “I felt it was something there was money in ... and I ran with it.”

The local institution, dating back to 1991, has bought $500,000 worth of comic books since they began the venture in the summer, with their most recent coming from Louisiana and costing $145,000. 

So far, their stock includes the first comics that ever featured X-Men and the Avengers, published in 1963, and since they are both in good condition, the pair is worth $50,000. 

The company has added four employees to manage comic book purchases and this year alone, they are attending 25 comic book conventions. Currently, one employee is in California on a buying spree. 

Martin said the company are attempting to launch a separate website for the books in June, and by 2014, they hope to be the largest online seller of classic comics.

“We were somewhat shocked and surprised that vintage comic books are more popular than vintage baseball cards. As a card collector, that just hurts,” Martin joked. 

All the comics are graded by an outside company, Certified Guaranteed Company, that evaluates the condition of the book and ensures they haven’t been tampered with or altered.

The company undergoes a similar process for trading cards, a portion of the business that’s continuing to boom.

Orders for the company’s trading cards come in by the hundreds everyday, from all around the world. Friday, Martin leafed through the day’s orders, which included ones from Italy, North Dakota and Brazil.

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