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February 12, 2013

Parker-Fries Phase III bond approved


Tonawanda News — Workers will also finish restoration on the roads they worked on, as well as pave them with permanent material.

The present work remains ahead of schedule, and although Maving originally expected to it be complete in November, contractors will likely finish up work in July. 

Phase II will cost the town $3.63 million and began in August. CATCO workers were worried they would hit rock in the ground when they began to dig, which would have greatly impeded construction.

But they’ve only hit soil that’s very amenable to the project — causing construction to go much quicker. 

In other council news, representatives from the Federation of European Risk Management Association attended the board’s work session Monday to report on their progress with controlling the town’s workers’ compensation costs. 

Annual claim payments have been reduced from $1.4 million since the town began a contract with FERMA in 2010, to under one $1 million in 2012.

FERMA took on the town’s open cases for a one time fee, and have reduced the number of open cases from 2,500 to 50.

The town has also instituted a FERMA safety program in hopes to reduce the number of incidents in the future.

But now the town board needs to make a determination on what the cost benefit of the agreement with FERMA is and whether they will continue the contract with the group. 

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