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March 7, 2013

Day by Day, St. Joe's readies for "Godspell" production

St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute presents 'Godspell'


Tonawanda News — Corra agreed.

“It’s been an incredible experience so far. We’ve been rehearsing since early January and it’s coming together very well,” he said. “I think the show is very moving and very uplifting. The two acts are very different. One is very uplifting, two is acting out the Passion. It slows down and takes a sadder tone, although it’s uplifting at the end. I think overall it’s very good material.”

While Blosat and Corra, along with St. Joe’s junior Gabe Amato, who plays the lead role of Jesus, form a key core of the production, Blosat said that the musical is very much an ensemble piece.

“Usually shows don’t really incorporate the whole cast, but I feel this is a great opportunity to let everyone have their own say,” he said. “‘Godspell’ is a show revolving around the ensemble. Everyone gets their share and opportunity to act and sing and all that kind of stuff. This show and this production lets everyone show their true potential.”

“We’ve become a family and a real community and that’s aided us in making the show as good as we can make it,” Corra said.

Not only have the students gained a new perspective through the musical, but also through a service project undertaken by the cast and crew during its production and called “Godspell in Action.”

“The idea for the service project was born out of a conversation between directors on the production staff during one of the first rehearsals,” producer Catherine Ward wrote in an email. “Our director, Paschal Frisina III ... had the vision of projecting pictures of the cast, taken in the city of Buffalo, as part of the song ‘Beautiful City’ ... even moreso we felt it would be appropriate to have the students doing some kind of service that was literally helping to beautify the city. 

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