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June 20, 2014

Gearing up for annual Dog Days of Kenmore

Tonawanda News — It’s not hard to find fun things to do for family members of all ages, but it can be rough finding events for family members of all species. 

In honor of the barking, four-legged residents of Western New York, the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is gearing up for the fourth annual Dog Days of Kenmore. 

“I think there’s something for everybody and it’s a great way to get the dog out of the house,” said Jennifer Berryman, who coordinates the event. “It’s a celebration of dogs, our four-footed friends. It’s very, very exciting and it’s a way for the family to come out and to learn about Kenmore.”

Dog Days of Kenmore will host several vendors selling all types of pet products including food, treats, clothing and anything else you can think of, Berryman said. The vendors come from as far north as Southern Ontario and as far south as Jamestown and Salamanca. 

Representatives from 30 local pet rescue organizations and several animal clinics will be present. A doctor Q&A and behavior consultation will be given by the Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic. 

“The event raises awareness for owners about proper care for their pets and it raised awareness about rescues,” said Suzanne Cross, administrator at the Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic. She added that they will be doing discounted pet microchipping and nail clipping. 

Other groups will be doing dog-related demonstrations. For example, the Kenmore Fire Department will present their equipment used specifically to treat animals that have been exposed to smoke. There will also be an event demonstrating the use of dogs in herding animals like sheep and ducks. 

The rescue aspect of Dog Days of Kenmore is also being emphasized. There will be several competitions included in the event. It costs $5 to enter the competition and the proceeds will be given to an animal rescue group drawn from a hat. While the event mainly focuses on dogs, a cat rescue group will be present this year. 

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