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April 25, 2014

Truck crashes through 7 Eleven window

Tonawanda News — Sheridan Park Volunteer Fire Company was on the scene of an accident which involved a black Toyota Tacoma driving through the front of the 7 Eleven located on 749 Sheridan Drive on Thursday afternoon. 

According to Capt. Jeremy Carpenter, the driver and the individuals inside the store were unharmed and the damage to the building could have been worse. 

“(The accident) is being investigated by the town building department,” Carpenter said. “There were no injuries. We don’t have a damage estimate yet.”

The inside of the 7 Eleven was left looking rather disheveled but it appeared that the only damage to the building was the loss of the windows. There was no damage done to the building’s structural foundations. 

The driver, who wished to remain unidentified, remained on the scene for some time after the accident. He was not taken to receive medical attention. He says the accident was caused by a malfunction with his truck.

“I have no idea what happened,” he said. “It was like the pedal stuck or something. I was standing on the breaks and still moving forward.”

Officials did not say if charges are pending. 

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