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May 9, 2013

Ken-Ton school board hopefuls take stage


Tonawanda News — Another hot topic Wednesday was the recent state-mandated testing that has come under fire from parents who argue the exams are unfair.

The candidates were asked if they support students opting out of the tests. Dana and Hart said that although they believe the state tests need revamping, they don’t believe kids should opt out of them. 

“What the state is testing is absurd,” Hart said. “But teaching children that if they don’t want to do the standardized tests, it’s OK ... that is setting a bad example.”

Potter said a happy medium between too much testing and too little testing needs to be achieved. 

“Opting out should be a choice parents are allowed to make,” he said. “But at the same time, maybe standardized tests that I took in middle school helped prepare me for later standardized testing ... like the law school entrance exam.”

All three candidates also said they would support the board passing a resolution asking the state to rethink the testing. 

“It’s not the school board that is the enemy,” Dana said. “Efforts need to be directed where things can be changed, and that’s Albany.”

Potter and Hart both said they would “absolutely” vote for the resolution. 

“I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already,” Potter said. 

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