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December 7, 2012

DuPont vet returns to Tonawanda plant as manager



"I am embarrassed to admit one son turned out to be a Cowboys fan," Hoy joked.

His current position in Tonawanda marks his third stint as a plant manager.

As part of a long list of job duties, Hoy spends about two hours of every day walking the plant's floors, checking in on the site's activities and making sure everyone gets what the need.

His current initiatives include an unified effort to increase the quality of DuPont products.

"That's part of how we stay competitive," he said. "We are looking at ways of enhancing that."

Despite Hoy's jokes and humor, he is serious about the plant's future and goals — including his main focus, safety. 

The concern is an important one, as an explosion at the plant killed a contractor in 2010.

As part of the safety initiative, every employee, including those that work in the plant's offices, must walk the plant and be conscious of the safety protocols — everything from holding the hand rail while walking up stairs to completing manufacturing safety measures.

"I'm here in a communications role," Ciotta said. "But for that amount of time, my objective is to be very observant of safety."

But safety isn't the only measure Hoy is looking to improve. He is also concentrating on reducing the company's environmental footprint, after the company was fined $165,000 in May for violating the Clean Air Act.

"We are getting better," he said. "We are complying with whatever the regulations are. Sometime it is easy, and sometime it is not."

And most recently, the company has seen a decline in business, resulting in 1,500 layoffs nationwide. Hoy said he recognizes the necessity of those cuts, but is hoping for better times ahead — with shifted product goals and opportunities.

"We have had to make some changes," he said. "We are just dealing with the reality of business, and we have to make adjustments on the short term to be profitable in the long term. You have to weather the bad times to see the good times."

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