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February 17, 2013

Helping hands at Ken-Ton Closet

Ken-Ton Closet aims to distribute clothing, supplies to children in need


Tonawanda News — The project is based out of the Sheridan-Parkside Building in the Town of Tonawanda. Sheila Csicseri, program director for the Sheridan Youth Center, said she received a telephone call from O’Malley, who was looking for space for the donations. 

The building’s second floor had been refurbished for the Health Sciences Charter School, which relocated last year. And Csiceri knew someone who was looking for an Eagle Scout project.

“It was kind of one of those things that all fell together,” she said. “I had the space ... Jill had a need and a passion. It should be a great resource to the entire community, not just this area but throughout the entire school system.”

Micah Greidanus, a junior at Kenmore West High School, will be repainting the room and helping to put in new shelving and cupboards for the site as part of his project to earn the highest advancement rank in Scouting.

“I think it’s a good idea,” he said of the KTC project. “If someone has an immediate need, they can get a new toothbrush, some clothes ... I take those things for granted. I like seeing the community come together.”

Until the facility at the Sheridan-Parkside Building is fully up and running, Ken-Ton Closet volunteers have been fulfilling requests for clothing items as they come in via school counselors, social workers or nurses. The items are dropped off at the schools and handled through those personnel, O’Malley said.

“If people feel like they need something, they should contact their school nurses or counselors,” she said. “If we have it, we’ll try to get it to them.”

Right now, O’Malley said, the greatest need is, by far, for winter jackets, hats and gloves and backpacks.

“Those things are the most expensive,” she said. “Even if you go to Walmart, it’s at least $20. If you have a family of five, that’s a lot. It adds up.”

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