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October 9, 2013

Schools respond with lockout


Tonawanda News — Stinner, who has three first-graders and one fifth-grader at the school, said that at their age, many of the kids had no idea anything was going on.

“They didn’t seem to have much stress with the situation. I think the district did a great job,” said Stinner, who also has a preschooler. “I was glad to see it from the inside, because it really did put my mind at ease.”

Tara Sciortino, who has twins at Hoover Middle School and a child at Edison Elementary School, said she thought the district handled the situation well, but was concerned about the timeliness of alerts. She didn’t receive the E-Alert message about the delay in Edison dismissal until after the original dismissal should have taken place.

“Eight minutes after the bell rings ... then I got the text,” she said. “I never thought my children were not safe. But this is not in a timely manner. That needs to be addressed.”

When her son walked out of school, he took one look at her and burst into tears, Sciortino said. 

“It was the fear of the unknown. They really weren’t told anything,” she said. “I think the district handled it well, but there’s room for improvement. It was scary and I think what frustrated me was if they didn’t know where this guy was, why was the lockdown lifted in the first place?”

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